Robotics & Automation

The demand for intelligent robots is on the rise as various industries increasingly adopt automation to tackle supply chain complexities and labor shortages. Innovators spanning sectors like manufacturing, retail, agriculture, logistics, warehouses, delivery, and healthcare are leveraging the Design Gateway solutions to expedite their robotics development, simulation, and deployment. This trend reflects the evolving landscape of robotics and automation, with technology playing a pivotal role in reshaping the way businesses operate.

Industrial Applications use cases for AES-GCM IP Core

Secure Command and Control 

Examples of DG’s IP Core Applications


Control & Monitor

Real-time backup /
data logging

Success Stories & Application Example

Key Factors

  • Over 7GB/sec write speed into 4TB storage is required
  • No CPU required, reducing CPU firmware development man-hours
  • Single license allows multiple instances for RAID, reducing license costs

Key Factors

  • Both 1Gbit and 10Gbit Ethernet network lines achieve high effective transfer performance
  • No CPU resource required for TCP control
  • Simple user interface makes easy to connect user logic with IP core and shorten development time