Intellectual Property (IP) and Hardware Solutions

Addressing the Demands and Challenges of Various Vertical Markets

We design FPGA logic and offer comprehensive solutions utilizing Intellectual Property (IP) cores

Our solutions

Our focus on delivering optimal solutions is reflected in our IP cores

We specialize in Intellectual Property (IP) Core & Solution development, which is designed from ground up to simplify complex protocols processing without need CPU.

Our design philosophy is to create the hardware solutions that optimize for high performance, simple usage, while using lowest possible resources.

We cover various domains such as data storage, networking, security, and application-specific protocol engines targeting FPGA platforms.


FPGA devices are highly versatile, allowing for seamless adaptation to evolving standards, making them a crucial choice…

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The automotive industry is rapidly advancing toward full autonomy and complete electrification. Cutting-edge…

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Multimedia and video broadcasting applications demand top-notch performance, low latency, and secure…

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Advance Science & AI Research

Academic institutions lead the way in advancing knowledge and expertise in cutting-edge fields like accelerated…

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High Performance Computing

Data centers play a pivotal role in tackling critical challenges, from AI and data analysis to high-performance computing (HPC)…

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In the realm of financial trading, staying ahead of the competition requires constant advancements in reducing latency…

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Manufacturing & Equipment

Leading Edge Manufacturing & Equipment needs to stay adaptable to evolving standards and emerging technologies for…

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The State of the Art Medical Equipment such as X-Ray, CT-scan, MRI, Ultrasound machines need high performance data…

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Robotics & Automation

The demand for intelligent robots is on the rise as various industries increasingly adopt automation to tackle supply chain…

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